There are many instances where arched, half circles, eyebrows, and triangle shaped windows are not practical to cover with a window treatment. If it is even possible to install a custom made window treatment on these odd shaped windows, the cost to do so is usually out of this world. Or, the treatment does not cover the entire window in the case of arches and eyebrows. There are also windows that are really high off the floor. The problem with really high transom windows is operating the controls that open and close traditional window blinds and treatments. There are electric and remote control options, but once again, the cost of these expensive treatments can often rule out these solutions.

The most effective solution for hard to access, or hard to treat windows is window film. Because window film can be cut to any shape, and because window film has no controls to operate, it is an excellent answer for special shaped and high transom windows. With the vast array of choices of shades and solar protection levels, there is a film available for every need and design preference.

If UV control is the main concern, or if glare and heat are the villains, there are clear film options and darker glare and heat control films available to fit the need.

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