curtain fade damageWood floors, Carpet, Draperies, Window Treatments, Wood Shutters, Furniture, Fabrics, Upholstery, Floral Arrangements, Candles, Clothing, Human Skin, Photos, Artwork, Paintings, Tapestries, Antiques, Collectables, etc… are all being damaged by the sun coming through my windows every day.

The 3 main factors causing Sun Damage and Fading are Ultraviolet Light (UV), Heat, and Visible Light. UV is responsible for 40% of fading and Heat and Visible Light contribute 25% each, with the remaining 10% generally being factors beyond our control. The bright and open look you love about your rooms is the invisible culprit ruining your home’s interior.

There are 3 ways to control fading factors entering your home or building. Those are by reducing the amount of UV, Light, and Heat pouring in through the windows and doors. Window film is the BEST solution for controlling fading because it squarely addresses the main culprit of UV rays. All window films stop up to 99% of UV radiation from passing through treated window glass, while top brands filter 99.9%. Window films also block varying amounts of heat and light depending on the material make up of the film itself. Films that block high degrees of Heat and Glare offer the greatest protection against sun damage and fading. Replacement Glass and Windows that contain the latest technology of LOE coated glass and Argon gas fill help to control fading to a degree because these advanced technologies reduce heat and visible light passing through the window glass. Solar Screens also help to control fading and sun damage in a similar way to replacement glass and new window technology. Solar Screens also block Heat and Visible Light from passing through window glass. So Window Glass and Solar Screens do help to control fading and sun damage, but window film is the ultimate solution. Window Film is the only product that focuses on the main culprit of fading, the UV rays. Replacement Glass and New Windows do not block 99% of the UV rays like window films do.

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