sun glare through windowsMy home heats up during the day making my rooms too hot for comfortable living. The AC runs all day but cannot keep up with the heat. It is only long after the sun goes down that the rooms start to cool down. During the summer months, this happens day after day.

The typical 3 x 6 home window with Clear Insulated Glass (double pane IG) transmits approximately 250 BTU’s per sq. ft, per hour, into your home during sun exposure in Texas. To help understand what this means consider this: The approximate energy released from burning 1 wooden matchstick equals 1 BTU. What does this mean? The sun pouring through this 3 x 6 window glass is equivalent to lighting 4500 matchsticks during every hour of sun exposure… every day… inside your house! How many windows does your home have that are exposed to the sun each day? Now you can understand how the windows heat up rooms and your home.

Window Film and Solar Screens are two of the most cost effective products that will decrease the amount of heat pouring through typical window glass. By rejecting from up to 85% of the radiant heat traveling through the glass into the rooms, the heat entering the building can be decreased from 250 BTU’s (per sq ft per hour) down to a meager 38 BTU’s! This reduction in heat entering through window glass is the best way to manage comfort and keep rooms with windows cool.

Replacement window glass and replacement windows with LOE coatings also reject heat. Though these options may be more costly than window film and solar screens, new glass and new windows are often what is needed for upgrades, remodeling, or personal preference. New technology window glass and replacement windows can reject up to 80% of the heat compared to a typical clear double pane window glass in older windows.

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