Issues we hear quite a bit include:

  • I have rooms with brightly sunlit windows that are almost impossible to use at certain times of the day.
  • The sun pours through my bedroom windows first thing in the morning and wakes me up at sunrise.
  • The sun entering the family room windows really irritates my husband when he is trying to watch golf or football on TV.
  • My kitchen window faces west and it makes it difficult to prepare the evening meals for my family.
  • What can be done to fix this?

The issue here is unwanted glare. Glare is unfiltered visible light caused by the sun facing the windows of that exposure. When the sun pours in through window glass, it is virtually impossible for the human eye to function properly without the aid of sunglasses. Who wants to wear sunglasses when inside their home, office, or business? Are you tired of being at the mercy of the sun at certain times of the day? Do you enjoy running from room to room adjusting blinds and window treatments just to make the room useable for you and your family?

Window Film and Solar Screens are two great ways to control eye squinting glare. These products can be used independently of any other window treatments to achieve glare free windows. Light to medium shades of window film can often be adequate to diffuse moderate levels of glare while still allowing a sufficient amount of visible light to illuminate the rooms. The effects of glare are sometimes not even readily apparent. Headaches and irritability are often a product of glare and unfiltered light, and most don’t realize why they aren’t performing at 100% when they are working or living in these uncomfortable circumstances. Glare can easily be reduced by 50% without sacrificing the open bright atmosphere most of us enjoy in our indoor environments. 90-95% glare reduction is also easily accomplished for those areas and rooms where light control is critical. Whatever your glare control needs, there are cost effective and attractive solutions proven to work.

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